Today (Nov. 29), SZA appeared on the cover of Variety‘s latest issue as part of their Hitmaker of the Year honors. In the publication’s feature, the TDE talent spoke on her wildly successful sophomore LP, SOS, and some of its biggest standouts, including the Carter Lang and Rob Bisel-produced hit “Kill Bill.”

“I hated it. Well, I didn’t hate it. But I was like, ‘Can I say this? Is it silly?’ Rob was like, ‘You have to say it!'” she explained about the chart-topping effort, which was later remixed with help from Doja Cat. “So I sent it to my homegirl, and she was like, ‘I don’t know. I think you should maybe say something to clarify.’ I was really scared that people would harm each other ’cause some people are f**king strange. But it was a joke .”

She also gave an update on Lana, which was originally meant to serve as a deluxe edition of SOS. “It was gonna be outtakes and some new songs, but it’s become more than I expected,” she admitted. “It was gonna be really soft because I had made all my screaming points, and I just wanted to glide and not think [too much] and get out of my own head. I was so happy to say some s**t that didn’t mean a f**king thing.”

SZA continued, “It’s definitely turning into its own album, and I guess I could drop a new album randomly because no one’s actually expecting that from me right now. But I can’t tell if now’s the time to be consistent or carefree. On the one hand it’s like, ‘What would Beyoncé do?’ But I am also deeply inspired by people who do whatever the f**k they want, like Frank Ocean and André 3000. Some of my favorite songs were the ones that I dropped on SoundCloud because it was so stress-free.”