On Saturday (Nov. 25), Beyoncé hosted the world premiere of RENAISSANCE: A FILM BY BEYONCÉ in Los Angeles. The cozy opulence-themed event welcomed an array of celebrity figures like Kelly Rowland, Tyler Perry, Lori Harvey, and Lupita Nyong’o, among others.

The “CUFF IT” singer attended her documentary debut in a body-hugging silver dress from Versace. She complemented it with a pair of matching long gloves and open-toed heels. Additionally, Bey popped out with bleach-blonde hair, which led to a number of people commenting on her appearance.

Today (Nov. 28), Tina Knowles responded to some of the chatter online. Specifically, she called out detractors for accusing the music icon of bleaching her skin and “trying to be a white woman.”

“Came across this today and decided to post it after seeing all of the stupid, ignorant, self-hating racist statements about her lightening her skin, wearing platinum hair, [and] wanting to be white,” Knowles wrote on Instagram. “She does a film called [RENAISSANCE: A FILM BY BEYONCÉ], where the whole theme is silver with silver hair, a silver carpet, and suggested silver attire, and you bozos decide that she’s trying to be a white woman and is bleaching her skin? How sad is it that some of her own people continue the stupid narrative with hate and jealousy?”

She continued, “I am sick and tired of people attacking her. Every time she does something that she works her a** off for, [it’s] a statement of her work ethic, talent, and resilience. Here you sad little haters come out [of] the woodwork. Jealousy, racism, sexism, [and] double standards — you perpetuate those things. Instead of celebrating a sister, [just ignore her] if you don’t like her.”

As REVOLT previously reported, Beyoncé’s concert documentary clocks in at roughly three hours and will hit AMC Theatres on Dec. 1. Another premiere is slated to take place in London on Thursday (Nov. 30).