While hip hop just celebrated its 50th birthday, Ludacris opened up about not receiving the flowers he deserves as a rap legend.

During a recent interview with BET, that was published today (Nov. 20), the Grammy-award winning artist explained why it’s hard for people to give him his props for his influence in the music industry. “You know, I think that it is hard to give it up for one thing specifically because you’re just like, he’s juggling so many different things,” he began. “So it’s like a gift and a curse in one end where it’s like the portfolio is diversified in a very great way. But yes, I feel like sometimes the flowers aren’t given as much because they see a wide variety of pictures on the wall and it’s not one big picture, if that makes sense. Not to take away from it but that’s how people’s subconscious minds work sometimes. You can’t do but so much right for people to want to give you love.”

Elsewhere during the conversation, the Dashing Through the Snow star talked about his plans to finally release new music in 2024. “It’s definitely some music coming next year, but I don’t know if it’s like an EP or an LP. We’re going to figure it out,” Ludacris said.

He also revealed the reason why he hasn’t released an album in over eight years, stating that he took a step back to focus on his acting career. “These movie projects like Fast & Furious and doing a lot of things like the ‘Karma’s World’ project that’s on Netflix. You know, doing other art forms where I’m creative, where I’m putting my heart into that, I want to make sure that I leave a legacy on this earth,” the 46-year-old explained. “So it was just taking a step back and getting hungry again, living some life. ‘Cause when you put out music, in order for it to be organic and real, you gotta talk about what goes on in your life. So if I had like nine consistent albums, sometimes you gotta take a step back, and live some life, so that you have a lot more to talk about and that’s what I was doing.”