The Creed franchise is set to expand with a fourth installment, as confirmed by franchise producer Irwin Winkler on Saturday (Nov. 18).

Michael B. Jordan, who starred as Adonis Creed and made his directorial debut with Creed III, is slated to direct the upcoming film. The former premiered in theaters in March with overwhelming success. Notably, it achieved a record-setting opening weekend after grossing $58 million.

Although MGM hasn’t officially confirmed, the development was first reported by Deadline, which included a video clip of Winkler discussing the project.

“We’re planning to do Creed IV right now — it’s in the works — and we think we have a really good story, a really good plot,” he said. “We got a little delayed because of the strikes, but about a year from now, we’re going into pre-production.”

“Michael and the creative team had the beautiful vision from the start to create a wholly new and different experience for this movie,” he continued. “It had to be firmly cemented in what we all [know] the Creed and Rocky movies for… it had to have great action, boxing, but we also really examined what kind of movie we were making. And a lot of that, those early days with Michael, were spent crafting how we were looking at the Damian character, which is why I think everyone responded to the depth, not only on the page but also on the screen. You spend half the movie having deep sympathy for him and understanding his vulnerability.

Jordan’s portrayal in the franchise began with 2015’s Creed, followed by sequels in 2018 and 2023. Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa also appeared in the first two movies.

Earlier this year, Variety also reported that Jordan and Amazon were in discussions about expanding the Creed universe with additional film and TV projects.