On Wednesday (Nov. 15), Kamaiyah unveiled a new single titled “Groupies,” a Linkup-produced journey into debauchery on wax.

“Every city that I go and every state / I got folks tryna f**k running game / This side, that side, thataway / My side outside running plays / Is she gay or is she straight? I’ma h** / I f**k whoever that I want, I’m on go / I want him, want her, got ’em both / Keep it on the DL, they won’t know…”

“Groupies” came with a matching visual that was directed by Vic Motion. Keeping with the song’s themes, the Bay Area frontrunner lives it up at a house party with plenty of beautiful women, libations, marijuana and more.

“Groupies” is Kamaiyah’s latest drop since “XXL Letterman” made landfall earlier this month. Back in October, she teamed up with Jay Worthy and Harry Fraud for THE AM3RICAN DREAM, a nine-song effort with assists from Guapdad 4000, Buddy, Max B, Ty Dolla Sign, DRAM and more. Her most recent solo effort, Keep It Lit, made landfall in December 2022 with a single contribution from Mistah F.A.B.

In an interview with Audiomack, Kamaiyah spoke on being her own boss and maintaining success as an independent artist. “I have the liberty to drop music as frequently as I want, and that’s all I wanted to do when I was on a label. It’s been easier to create and write music again,” she explained. “Me being stretched out had stopped my ability to create music. Now that I’m free, it’s been liberating because I can create music and explore my ranges.”

She also stressed the importance of figuring out what works best as a creative. “When I came in, it wasn’t all these things — now we gotta figure out the system of how everything’s working. That may take a year or two before we get a record, but I’m fine with that.”

Press play on “Groupies” below.