Cam’ron and Mase believe that DMX was a better rapper than Tupac.

During a recent appearance on Gillie Da Kid and Wallo’s “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” podcast, the Harlem rappers gave their input on the debate. Cam’ron went first, saying, “Me personally? I seen DMX. I didn’t really get to see Tupac. I’m talking about on tour with DMX, in the studio with DMX. I actually got to see n**gas lose their mind about DMX. I know n**gas love Tupac, but I didn’t get to see him on tour and do anything else. So for me, it’s DMX because I actually got to be a part of or see him from the tournament rapping to selling 10, 20 million or however many millions of records he sold. I seen the whole process.”

Mase added, “I would definitely have to say DMX… And not just east [vs.] west… Like, when you saw the energy that DMX gave n**gas, you could just stop one lyric that he would be saying in the whole concert… the whole arena would say it. I think a lot of times, because you learn the flaws of a n**ga, you forget how great n**gas really were. DMX was one of those like special, special talents and when I first heard DMX in the studio, I was just like, ‘This n**ga is just different…’ I was like, ‘This n**ga is crazy.’ Pac was phenomenal too, I can’t take nothing away from ‘Pac, but I think DMX had more than Pac. I’ma go on the record and say that he had more than Pac.”

Cam’ron collaborated with the Ruff Ryders MC on “Pull It” and they even went on tour together, while Mase worked with DMX on songs like “24 Hrs. to Live” and “Take What’s Yours.” Check out the full conversation below.