Putting pen to paper has been Megan Thee Stallion’s superpower since coming to the rap scene. Despite uncertainty and mistrust of those around her, she has also managed to share her authentic experience through music. The Savage artist has continued to keep the same energy behind standing up for Black women who are not taken seriously and encouraging the Hotties to always be in control of their own narratives.

After her latest single since becoming an independent artist, “Cobra,” it’s safe to say this is only the beginning of her incredible storytelling that penetrates the mind and resonates with the heart. This compiled list of lyrics from Megan’s extensive music catalog showcases that she definitely is not one to be played with and reminds listeners that the young star has gone through some of the same things they have.

1. Not Nice: “I’m done with being humble because I know that I’m that b**ch”

Who hasn’t had someone that consistently played with their emotions, or made them feel small when they’re not? In many cases, people find themselves being taken advantage of unknowingly. In this song, Megan Thee Stallion addresses that even though people may not always see your value, you should still see it within yourself and to be unapologetic for what you bring to the table. Whether romantic or platonic relationships, this song will help you to not hold back your feelings.

2. Plan B: “Ladies, love yourself ’cause this s**t could get ugly. That’s why it’s, “F**k n**gas, get money”

As a call-out to toxic relationships, Megan expands upon being with someone that was not good for her. She points out that her previous partner wouldn’t be the man he is today without her, and she sets her standards higher for whomever is supposed to be in her life. The lyrics address the importance of self-love and prioritizing your pursuit of money instead of feeling rewarded because of someone else’s validation.

3. What’s New: “Tell a hater, ‘F**k you.’ They keep comin’, tellin’ me these b**ches mad, what’s new?”

In this self-empowerment track from the album Good News, Megan calls out the realities of rising to stardom and noticing envious energy around her. For those who are angry about her success, she makes it a point to respond to them by seemingly saying that she doesn’t care, and that it isn’t her first time hearing it. Her straightforward approach on the song is the push many might’ve needed to ignore their naysayers and stand confidently in what they’ve accomplished.

4. Her: “B**ch, you do you and whatever that is, I’ma do it better”

Comparison can steal your joy if not careful, and Megan Thee Stallion is sure to remind fans of this in the fifth track of her 2022 album, Traumazine. She is quick to highlight the confidence and love she has for herself in the song while still shining light on excelling past her peers and haters. This is yet another sign to be unbothered and take what someone else has done but showcase it in your own unique way. It’s OK to be different and be misunderstood for it.

5. Money Good: “When you being real, you ain’t worried about who fake”

The money is the motivator in this song. From her mixtape Fever, the track expresses Megan’s mindset behind money not being a stressor. Also, she talks about holding onto your roots and staying true to who you are, like when she says, “Throw up where I’m from, let ’em know I’m still hood” on the track. When you shift your focus to being solely yourself and being authentic to what you’re passionate about, you don’t focus on who isn’t. This song shows what it means to truly have your affairs in order and be confident as you move because you know you’re “good” wherever you go.

6. Captain Hook: “You can keep hating, I’m popping regardless”

Though the song channels sexual liberation and independence, this specific lyric highlights the perseverance behind not caring what others think of you. This also helps to remind listeners that no matter what people say or think, you have to continue to focus on yourself and the things you’ve been excelling in. Overall, this song balances the confidence you may have outwardly with private boldness in the bedroom.

7. Stalli: “I get my revenge when I drop all my pictures, I’m pretty like art, b**ch, I look like a fixture”

Sometimes a good photo dump on Instagram is just what the doctor ordered for followers (or haters) to really feel your presence. Since the early years of Megan’s career, she still has kept the same energy. This verse pushes listeners to look at themselves as pieces of art. In doing so, it helps to allow their self-perception to be one of luxury and high worth.

8. God’s Favorite: “Face card pretty, you know God don’t like ugly”

It’s true what they say: God doesn’t like ugly, especially when it’s on the inside. This song highlights Megan’s confidence in herself and being unbothered as she continues to be blessed. She also takes the lyrics as far as to say, “My favorite drink my haters’ tears, a cause for celebration.” If that’s not certified unbothered energy, do a self-check-in to make sure you caught the vibe.

9. Cognac Queen: “And he told me, ‘Girl, you the best,’ but I already know what I am”

Whether friendship or love, it’s important to remember who you are and what you bring to the table. This lyric from Megan Thee Stallion helps to put this into perspective as many have also been in this situation. Taking compliments from others is always great, but being confident in yourself is key. The song promotes carefree living and enjoying every moment that life presents.

10. Ungrateful: “B**ch, I’m the one, you ain’t even no two, you would never be you if I wasn’t your muse”

For those who always see others biting off their ideas, this is for you! This line puts a voice to those who take from others for their personal gain. Whether there is credit given or not, it’s still not the best feeling to know someone is using your ideas with their name on it. Let this serve as a reminder that you’re inspiring others to push forward. Give yourself well-deserved flowers.

11. B.I.T.C.H.: “I ain’t turn into no bad b**ch when you met me, boy, I been that”

In relationships, it’s common for someone to experience their partner downplaying their character over time. This is addressed in “B.I.T.C.H.,” as Megan continues to reiterate her control and dominance as a woman. While this isn’t always accepted in society, she debunks the notion that women should conform to misogynistic views and shouldn’t call out things they don’t agree with.

12. I Did It: “I’m tryna win, don’t care how I do it, just know that I did it”

As the only female rapper on this song, it was only right that Megan Thee Stallion delivered for the girls. Her verse pinpoints the importance of winning and celebrating your victories. When you’re on top, ridicule is to be expected, but it can be difficult to ignore. It can also be frustrating to constantly explain to others how you got to where you are when it shouldn’t matter. Continue to walk with your head held high.

13. Ratchet: “Shout out to them girls that go where the money go”

It’s always a party whenever Megan is around, and this song channels just that. Starting strong with twerking and drinking Hennessy, she encourages the fun in moving freely when you go out. She also encourages focus when stacking your money in her verse. It can be so easy to lose sight of your goals when distractions or different factors come into play. This lyric gives a quick nod to all of those who have not only kept their focus, but also continue to elevate themselves by going toward different opportunities.

14. Hot Girl: “I’m cocoa-buttered down, pretty brown, bad b**ch”

The reassurance in this song is truly unmatched. In a world where dark-skin tones have historically not been acceptable or deemed beautiful, it’s encouraging to hear. Megan has spoken publicly about her experiences of feeling like people haven’t supported who she is, so it’s no surprise that she lets listeners know they’re no less of a “baddie” just because they have brown skin.

15. Neva: “She think she bad, but I’m better”

Remembering what you bring to the table is the best way to fight against comparing yourself to others and people not treating you right. On the album Tina Snow, Megan Thee Stallion lets listeners know that she is not going for the things that aren’t serving her — whether it’s people disrespecting her, dating guys who aren’t worth the time of day or sticking with opportunities that aren’t financially smart. Handling your business is the best way to gain respect from others and build something to thank yourself for in the long run.

16. Savage: “Been that b**ch, still that b**ch. Will forever be that b**ch”

No matter what you’re going through in life, this verse will help to remind you that you’re always going to be the person you’ve been at your core. This verse motivates listeners to stay true to themselves and embrace every variation of who they are as they grow in their individual journeys. In the song, Megan preaches about putting her money where her mouth is and being in control of your own narrative. “Sassy, moody, nasty” are all personality traits that allow for that unbothered energy to shine through and they remind folks to not worry about how society may want them to act.

17. Cobra: “Bet if I ever fall off, everybody go missing”

After pouring her inner thoughts and heart out, “Cobra” is the latest addition to Megan’s long list of passionate tracks. This song shows her resilience and self-actualization with one topic being: Had it not been for her work ethic, many of those around her wouldn’t be as successful as they are now. Megan’s transparency also allows for listeners to get a better understanding of her perspective on things she’s previously been quiet about.