Rick Ross and Meek Mill are still laughing about the Biggest Boss’ Olympic flop into a pool that made him a viral gold mine this summer. In July, Ross hosted a massive pool party at his “Promise Land” estate in Georgia that was attended by scores of fans and other celebrities.

At some point during the festive event, he attempted to show off his diving skills by plunging into his pool. The only problem was that his knees seemingly did not get the memo. Fan videos showed him jump twice on the diving board as his knees buckled, which caused him to instead drop into the water.

Ross said it was his GOAT viral moment when he and Meek discussed an array of GOAT topics, from rappers to producers to hilarious conspiracy theories, in an interview with Complex.

“I blew my knee out diving in my pool at the pool party. That was a big moment,” said both Ross and Meek, who was visibly still humored by the memory. “Hell yeah, that was funny as s**t,” said the Philly-bred rapper.

The Maybach Music Group founder recalled how he “made up some ‘Boy, I’m finna do the double decker,’ some s**t. I just thought, let me do a double bounce, and boy that s**t ain’t work out.”

Meek chimed in, adding that the botched dive was the result of the recoil of the diving board. “His springboard bounce you go up so high. That s**t really put you up 20 feet in the air,” he said. “It put you up [so] high [that] by the time you come down it done flapped twice. And boy, I blowed it. I blowed my jawn,” said Ross.

The Port of Miami artist previously addressed the hilarious moment after receiving a flood of messages asking about his well-being. In a since-deleted Instagram Story, he said, “Well, I’ma be honest. Am I OK? Of course not. I blew my tire. I blew my tire. I got on the stage. I was feeling the energy, all the support from all the baddies. The biggest pool in the country. I gave everybody my word I would do the double-decker slapper… I did a double bounce, and, boy, my knee caught a flat.

Ross and Meek have been making their media rounds as they prepare for the release of their joint album, Too Good To Be True, on Nov. 10.