On Tuesday (Oct. 31), TMZ shared a video from a reporter who happened to come across A$AP Rocky during a jog in West Hollywood. In an attempt to ask a few questions, she tried to keep up with the Harlem rapper and even got rid of her footwear midway. Somehow, she was able to confirm that Rocky is still working on his long-awaited album, Don’t Be Dumb, before running completely out of breath, humoring the father of two in the process.

The clip continued to reveal that she did manage to catch him at another location later in the day. After a quick plug of his collaboration with Puma, he admitted that he was impressed by the reporter’s persistence. “You’re a trooper. God bless you,” the “RIOT (Rowdy Pipe’n)” star said. “I heard you threw it up, so lunch is on me.”

As REVOLT previously reported, Rocky promised that the long-awaited Don’t Be Dumb would be his most exceptional to date. “I’ve been really experimenting as usual, and what I like about this is it feels like my best work yet,” he told DAZED in October. “I want to leave expectations wide and open. I don’t want to tell you what to expect. I just want people to experience it how they do naturally.”

He also broke down what influences his overall style in that same interview. “I would say cultures, different films, hip hop, different rappers. People in my neighborhood, older people, relatives, I take inspiration from everywhere, you know, different regions, different backgrounds, different nations,” he explained to the publication. “I find inspiration in everything, and I think being able to flip things, and make it your own, and make an origin out of it and start something new, that’s the trick and that’s the magic within it all.”