Today (Oct. 30), Rapsody marked her return with a new single titled “Asteroids,” which is produced by Hit-Boy. If anyone forgot about the North Carolina talent’s approach to rhyming, this song and its introspective lyrics should serve as a proper reintroduction.

“First name Marlanna, last name Evans, underappreciated, but I’m still the most respected, my insecurity is the fear of being rejected, when you this raw, they listen with an erection, n**gas pull the Drake before they rap about affection, there I go, hard to rap without a message, my biggest flex is I can stand on what I did, never faked anything, the cars or how I lived, I ain’t no millionaire, I ain’t no b**ch…”

Rapsody spoke on the creation of “Asteroids” and its meaning in a press release. “I’d love for people to hear this because it’s been four years since my last album, and I’m excited to share this season of life, growth, and creativity,” she said, referring to her critically acclaimed third studio LP, Eve. “This song is like an artistic compass of my true north and a reminder of your own. I want to inspire [you] and be a reflection that our most beautiful and bold journey is our truest one. A reminder that recognizing your light and standing in it is our greatest power.”

Last Thursday (Oct. 26), Rapsody confirmed that a new body of work was completed. In a short Instagram clip, she could be seen in a recording studio as close friend Darin Michelle delivered an uplifting message in the background.

“I just listened to your album again on the way home from the Badu concert and I just needed to say that, that s**t is so special,” Michelle said. “It is like your heart on wax and I just wanted you to know how special it is.”

Press play on “Asteroids” below.