In the midst of ongoing debates about hip hop records struggling to rack up monumental sales, Rick Ross says he is still focused on the numbers.

“Of course, as a businessman, you do,” said Ross when asked if he still cares about album sales despite the success he has amassed in his career. The Biggest Boss and Meek Mill appear on the latest episode of “The Baller Alert Show” on YouTube to promote their joint album, Too Good To Be True. “That’s like n**gas selling Jordans. N**ga, Jordan [is] worth so much money. You think he ain’t watching this motherf**ker? … Oh, trust me, they got a team that watch that. So you do [care],” added Ross.

He continued, “It’s much bigger than numbers. Now it’s a lot of other things that go around. It’s still most definitely important, and as a n**ga that’s in it for the sport and the love, you want that appreciation, and anybody that tell you they don’t, they just lied to you on your podcast.”

Meek, however, had somewhat of a differing viewpoint on the topic. “Me, I tried to, but I don’t try to make my music worrying about album sales,” he began. “I be tryna make it for the streets.” The Philly-bred artist explained that gaining the love of the fans is what moves corporations to take notice of their music. “They following us. It get hot in the streets first, and then the corps come drop the bag on it,” he added.

Ross chimed in, asking rhetorically, “What’s more important: you having the streets or the radio? It ain’t even a question. I want the streets; it’s all I ever had. I don’t even know what a No. 1 radio record, all that s**t, feel like… I want the bag more than the plaques.”

In September, the MMG rappers teased their joint LP is going to be a rap takeover. “This [is] easy money,” Ross said about the project’s bona fide success. Their first single, “Shaq & Kobe,” is out now, but the project does not drop until Nov. 10.