Today (Oct. 26), “The Breakfast Club” unveiled a new interview with City Girls, who are currently promoting their third studio LP, RAW. Released last Friday (Oct. 20), the 18-song effort boasts contributions from Lil Durk, Muni Long, Juicy J, Usher, and Kim Petras, the last of whom appeared on the crossover single “Flashy.” For more than an hour, the Florida duo kept things very transparent with the show’s hosts about everything from the music to their rollercoaster lifestyles.

During the sit-down, Yung Miami addressed critics who felt like she shouldn’t have won Best Hip Hop Platform at the 2023 BET Hip Hop Awards for “Caresha Please.” “People always saying I don’t deserve stuff. Why don’t I deserve anything?” she asked. “I work hard. I deserve everything. When I just did my first live podcast, it was around the corner. It’s new. We’re in a new time. We’re in a new generation. I’m bringing something new, so why I don’t deserve it?”

Miami continued, “God put me here for a reason and this what he had for me. This was destined for me. So don’t say I don’t deserve it, just say you were salty.”

Another notable moment came when Charlamagne Tha God brought up what was thought to be the meaning behind RAW — Miami previously stated that it stood for Real A** W**res. “Y’all gotta know that I always say s**t and just be playin’ around. That’s my personality,” the “Caresha Please” talent explained. “Y’all been knowing me for like five years now.”

JT then broke down the title’s actual meaning. “RAW is like your authentic form. Your natural state. You [are] who you are,” she explained. “You know if you go to the grocery store, the meat is raw. It’s not all made up, it’s not fabricated, it’s just you, being yourself.”

Check out “The Breakfast Club” interview in its entirety below.