Ice Spice does not care to be put into the same lyrical status as some of hip hop’s greatest rappers.

During her latest interview with Complex, the Bronx native opened up about her songwriting process, admitting that she intentionally keeps her raps super simple. “It’s funny because Hype [Williams] was just trying to call me a lyricist,” she began. “I wouldn’t consider myself a lyricist. Obviously, lyrics go into music and I do think about them, and I do be having bars in my music, but they’re just super simple. I want them to be digestible, I don’t want them to fly over people’s heads and they never catch it. I want people to hear it right away and be like, ‘OK, that was cute.’ But it’s also fun at the same time.” Ice Spice’s go-to producer, RIOT, added that she doesn’t write her lyrics. Instead, she just freestyles line by line in the studio.

As previously reported by REVOLT, Ice Spice revealed that her whole lifestyle change was super drastic amid being shot to stardom in a relatively small amount of time. “I’m most proud of staying grounded so far because I’ve already been through so many things that I know a lot of people would’ve lost their f**king minds. The whole lifestyle change is super drastic, especially coming from where I come from, not coming from s**t and not having a lot growing up, to now — it’s the complete opposite… Even though it’s a positive change, it’s still a change,” the “Deli” hitmaker told Teen Vogue back in June.

Regardless of the sudden adjustment, Ice Spice revealed to the publication how much she loves her success. “That’s fun. My job is being a rapper. Like, what the f**k? That’s mad lit,” the 23-year-old added.