Drake is still clocking naysayers who are not on board with his latest album, For All the Dogs, which has been the topic of debate since its Oct. 6 release. Retired rapper Joe Budden’s criticism of the project sent the 6 God into viral defense mode last week, prompting Drake to unleash a mild ether attempting to tear down Budden’s musical past in a scathing Instagram comment.

The Grammy Award winner has since turned his sights on music journalist Sowmya Krishnamurthy. The writer recently appeared on “The Breakfast Club,” where she spoke about the disconnect she has with his work after years of supporting his career. She admitted to DJ Envy and Charlamagne tha God that she was a self-proclaimed “Aubrey Angel” but fell off the fan bandwagon as his music began to shift.

“I was day one when it wasn’t cool to be a Drake fan. But he lost me somewhere after Views. It was almost like that friend from high school that we have nothing in common anymore, and I kind of don’t want to hang out with them. I’ll see them on social media, but let’s never speak again,” she said.

The “Fashion Killa” author explained that his perceived lack of vulnerability in his raps is partly to blame. “That was his superpower, when he stopped trying to act like [Lil] Wayne or JAY[-Z] and he was just this goofy kid from Toronto… What I want from him now is a classic album. What is your magnum opus as a grown man, as a father? I want that definitive Drake album,” added Krishnamurthy.

The “Rich Baby Daddy” artist caught wind of her remarks. “Was this interview already on the schedule? Who is this…” he wrote in an Instagram comment. Krishnamurthy wasted no time reminding him of who she is. “Hey, Drake, you probably forgot I interviewed you for Vibe in 2009 and covered OVO Fest for Rolling Stone. It’s been a long time since you’ve talked to a real journalist, but when you’re ready, let me know,” she tweeted on Friday (Oct. 13).

She doubled down on her proposition in a follow-up tweet that read, “That’s a serious offer. I don’t hang out in Instagram comments. If Drake wants a real interview, let’s go. I’m not a Gen-Z TikToker or a male rap groupie, so let’s talk about this new album as grown-ups and the criticism of misogyny and aging in hip hop. Set it up on SiriusXM.”

Drake has not issued a public response to her offer, though his fans think it is unlikely he is interested in talking things out.