O.J. Simpson took aim at Cam’ron over the weekend following the University of Southern California’s victory over the Colorado Buffaloes. A USC alumnus, the former reportedly poked at the New York native via text.

On social media, Simpson sported a “Bills Mafia” cap and directly addressed the rapper: “Uh, Cam’ron buddy, you okay? Are you alright, man? I’m a little worried about you right now. Man, don’t take it too hard, okay? Come on, it’ll be alright. It’s gonna be alright, buddy. Take care.”

Killa Cam promptly responded with a post. He said, “OJ trolling me on [text]? It ain’t over yet, Juice!”

Cam’ron has been a devout Buffaloes advocate. The Harlem rapper previously used his sports talk show, “It Is What It Is,” to root for the team and its coach, Deion Sanders.

Celebrating an earlier win over Colorado, the “Oh Boy” hitmaker recalled his trip to Boulder. He stated, “Shoutout to Coach Prime. He laid the pink carpet out for me. Went down to Boulder. It was crazy. First of all, we [were] on the field. We in the suite, chicken and waffles, steak, champagne — whatever we wanted… Really appreciate that.”

He continued, “Then the pre-game speech, the n**ga went crazy. I was ready to grab some shoulder pads and a helmet. I was ready to go crazy, my n**ga. I’m ready to knock a n**ga head off behind this s**t, man.”

However, Cam’s loyalty didn’t waiver in the face of a 48-41 loss to USC. Moreover, Simpson previously appeared on “It Is What It Is” in September to share his thoughts on the upcoming NFL season.

Regarding his top picks, the 1968 Heisman Trophy winner noted, “I often tell people, ‘You put us in the same situation, the only guys I’d be competing with are Barry Sanders, Gale Sayers, and maybe Eric Dickerson.’”