As REVOLT previously reported, Krayzie Bone was admitted to a Los Angeles hospital on Friday (Sept. 22) and is currently dealing with a severe cardiovascular condition, one that’s possibly being exacerbated by his long-term battle with the inflammatory disease sarcoidosis. Today (Sept. 27), TMZ stated that the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony rapper will go into a second surgery to address internal bleeding.

On Tuesday (Sept. 26), longtime friend and collaborator Layzie Bone broke his silence on the matter via an Instagram post, which contained an image of the Cleveland collective in better times. “In this challenging moment, as the immediate and Bone Thugs family rallies behind my brother, we humbly ask for a moment of privacy,” he stated. “Our family is facing the unexpected hospitalization of Krayzie Bone with strength, and your prayers are a beacon of hope.”

Layzie continued, “Soon, we’ll share an update, but for now, let us come together and keep our love and thoughts focused on his recovery. Your support means the world to us, and we truly appreciate your understanding during this time.”

Back in 2018, Krayzie Bone teamed up with the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research to speak about his affliction, which he first revealed to the world two years prior. “It attacks different organs. It could be your heart, your liver, your kidney. Mine happened to be my lungs,” he explained in a short clip, which can be seen below. “When I was diagnosed, I was going on stage, I was coughing. It had gotten to the point where I started coughing in the middle of my verses… and I was fatigued. And I was like, ‘Something ain’t right.'”

The “Thug Mentality” star added, “It just made me reassess my thinking, you know, ’cause nobody wants to be sick. Nobody wants to have to take medications. My advice to all the families and patients is to just stay strong. Take your health very seriously.”