REVOLT is back with the latest episode of “Receipts,” the must-see competition series that thrusts Black hobbyists, creators, and entrepreneurs into the spotlight. For those who are late to the party (and if you are, we strongly suggest you circle back to catch episodes one, two, and three), keep in mind that “Receipts” is more than your run-of-the-mill game show. Each episode of the Walmart-sponsored series celebrates Black & Unlimited — everyday people with extraordinary talents and passions you may not expect.

Actor-musician Quincy Brown returns to double duty as host and competitor following his hilarious face-off with social media personality Kendall Kyndall in the previous episode. This time, Brown had his sights set on a W in the matchup against Romeo Miller, a close friend who’s proven to be Black & Unlimited in his own right.

Millennials are well aware of Miller’s musical accolades, which include a top 10 charting album (his self-titled debut, Lil’ Romeo) and a Billboard Music Award for Rap Artist of the Year. The New Orleans native has since hung up his microphone to pursue other ventures as an actor, fashion designer, model, and entrepreneur. Around the episode’s halfway mark, Miller even revealed that he’d love to try his hand as an astronaut in another life while speaking about his own unexpected interests.

Miller’s extraterrestrial musing is just one of a few topics that the competitors broached in the course of their lighthearted banter. From the moment the game was underway, it became clear that the kinship between the former co-stars is as strong as ever. Their bond was born on the set of Brotherly Love, a 2015 drama from executive producer Queen Latifah and director Jamal Hill. Despite their laughs, the friendly jabs they traded throughout made it clear that neither contestant planned on going home with a loss.

The acting duo was competing to guess the hidden talent of Tyler Clark, a Walmart shopper and Chicago native who aims to inspire young Black girls with her creative pursuits. The game is anchored by the idea that looking in someone’s shopping cart can provide a window into their needs and interests. With that in mind, Brown and Miller hoped that each receipt item uncovered was another breadcrumb that would lead them to Clark’s hidden passion. However, there was some skepticism after the opening round once they discovered a seemingly random assortment of receipt items like pillows, hair beads, and pencils.

The score remained tight until one of the contestants managed to pull away in round two. Despite the widening margin, the game was still well within reach for whichever competitor got a final influx of points for correctly guessing Clark’s hidden talent. Do you think Miller or Brown had what it took to decipher if Clark is a hairdresser, photographer, or special effects makeup artist? Better yet, do you have the guessing skills to get to the right answer first?

See how you stack up against the celeb competitors by catching the latest episode of “Receipts” here.