Today’s (Aug. 31) episode of “Big Facts” embraced a returning guest, Doe Boy, best known for his affiliation with the Freebandz family. Big Bank, Baby Jade, and DJ Scream chopped it up with the Cleveland rapper to clear up internet tensions, discuss women in the rap game, and his new project, Beezy.

The Ohio emcee dropped his 16-song body of work, Beezy, this year and it’s complimented with features from Future, Lola Brooke, Don Toliver, and many other skilled artists. He admitted to the crew that he faced challenges when trying to get his song, “Way I Walk” cleared, which samples Ja Rule’s and Jennifer Lopez’s “I’m Real (Murder Remix).” Although he didn’t specify who wasn’t on board with clearing the record, he did highlight that J. Lo approved the use of the sample twice.

“Every person that got something to with that record has to sign off on it. If one person say no, that s**t ain’t coming out,” Doe Boy said. Fortunately, he got the sample approved and listed as a track on his newly developed entity.

Alternatively, the “Deep End” lyricist is interested in entrepreneurship and other business ventures. “Rap s**t be cool and all, but we really got to keep this s**t coming in forever,” he implied.

Furthermore, a portion of today’s discussion called attention to women in the music industry and how they are setting the rap game ablaze. “It’s just their time,” Doe Boy admitted. “They knocking out hits left and right. Every girl that drop something, that s**t a banger.”

Baby Jade and Big Bank also shared their perspectives on why women are trailblazing this era of music. Jade suggested that the message in today’s lyrics is simply the reality of how people live their lives. “With all the s**t that the world’s been through in the last few years, people want to lighten it [music] up. You got the Lattos and the Sexyy Reds because this is how people really act behind closed doors with their friends,” she explained. On the other hand, Big Bank implied that women are running the rap game because they are in control of many other facets throughout entertainment. “The women really running s**t. They the ones popping bottles now, so they say what play in the clubs,” the Atlanta legend exclaimed.

Moreover, the team probed for clarity on a disagreement Doe Boy had with Wack 100 on social media. Tensions rose when the Cleveland native took the opportunity to address Wack about something he previously said on Clubhouse. Doe Boy did clarify that there was never any real issue between the two of them. However, once words were exchanged, the tone of any slight animosity heightened. “When internet n**gas come at you, you got to just treat them like internet n**gas,” the “Menace” rapper responded.

Big Bank emphasized the importance of not addressing everything in order to prevent public distractions. He noted that prominent artists like Future or JAY-Z are seldom in a bleak spotlight because they do not entertain the media scandals.

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