Ice Spice’s mom has been deemed a social media sensation after a video of her vibing to her daughter’s song went viral. The clip, posted Aug. 17, had the rapper’s fans clamoring for more from the OG. Now, the artist’s followers are trying to track her down.

With the Bronx artist’s “Deli” track playing in the background, the vid of Mama Spice shows her posing and mimicking her famous daughter’s signature pout. As a result, the visual even set social media ablaze with users mesmerizing over how the two are twins.

Comments about the video were all over the place. Some focused on how Mama Spice was a “baddie,” while others turned in to internet sleuths to find her.

One fan wrote, “Ayoooo what’s Ice Spice’s Moms @ ?!” Another wrote, “What’s her Instagram?” A user who claimed to find her Instagram account refused to share it, posting, “I just found Ice Spice mom[‘s] instagram [and] I’m gatekeeping.”

Not much is known about Ice Spice’s family as she tends to keep details about her life private. What is known is that her mother is Dominican, her father is African-American, and she is the eldest of five children.

Her pops was also an underground rapper. The artist said in an interview with Paper back in April, “Subconsciously, I ended up becoming an artist because I saw my father be one first. He’s a music lover himself. He’s a true hip hop head, beyond me, honestly. He knows everything. He’s always educating me on hip hop and s**t like that.” She also mentioned that her dad is not a fan of her signature pose, but her mother gets it.

Ice Spice saw her breakout song “Munch (Feelin’ You)” soar on a meteoric rise and has had a number of hits since. Some of her most popular songs include “Karma” with Taylor Swift and her “Princess Diana” remix featuring Nicki Minaj.

Check out the video of Mama Spice that everyone is talking about here.