Britney Spears’ impending divorce from her husband, Sam Asghari, has some admirers angling to take his place. One of those admirers is Plies, who subliminally tried to attract Spears’ attention on social media earlier this week.

In a Twitter video posted after the announcement of the split, the rapper could be seen singing along to Spears’ “…Baby One More Time” in his car while he was laughing and smiling from ear-to-ear. He captioned the clip, “Baby One More Time… Send Me A Sign Baby.”

His mildly suggestive rendition of the 1998 breakout hit sparked plenty of comments from his followers. This was not the first time Plies has made special mention of Spears and his fans were quick to take note. One of the comments on the post read, “We all thought of you when they broke up!” Another read, “Lmfaoooo ight, Sam gonna come lookin’ for you!”

Reports of Britney Spears and Sam Asghari’s divorce came out on Aug. 16, but a state of California filing listed the couple’s date of separation as July 28. The two have been married for 14 months.

An earlier Instagram post from Plies about Spears went viral last week. In a clip shared by the pop singer, she was seen dancing around a stripper pole while wearing a leopard-print bikini. The rapper’s response to the video was full of enthusiasm.

In his reaction, Plies yelled, “There she go! Wahoo! There she go! Oh hoo! That motherf**ker look like Diamond from The Players Club! Look!” He continued, “My white Diamond! Come on, white Diamond! Whoo hoo! Brit! You know what I’m waitin’ on, Brit! Brit! Go to pound town, Brit!”

The Players Club is a 1998 film starring Jamie Foxx and Bernie Mac. The character Diamond in the film is a stripper played by LisaRaye McCoy.