Marlon Wayans is not letting naysayers off the hook just yet after he was ridiculed by people who misconstrued his initial reaction to the Riverfront Park dock fight. Like everyone else, the comedian had an opinion about the beatdown that took place after a group of white men jumped a Black dock employee for doing his job.

As previously reported by REVOLT, Wayans caught flak when he shared a clip of the brawl along with a caption that read, “How ‘bout we NOT ‘Try That In A Small Town.’ S**t silly bro… let’s all just be love, NOT war.” He was accused of pandering to his “Masters” and told to delete his post. Instead, he posted two video responses where he explained that he was making a mockery of country singer Jason Aldean’s contentious record “Try That In A Small Town” and reiterated that he has only ever shown love and respect for his people.

Now, in a new post, he has pulled out receipts to prove he is about action and not just words when it comes to supporting Black people. “I’m sorry, y’all were saying what? Excuse me, but I don’t recall seeing y’all here,” wrote Wayans as he drew attention to two separate instances when he hit the pavement in support of Black Lives Matter protests. In the Aug. 12 post, he went on to tell his fans not to be “sheep” blindly following blogs that twisted his words about the viral Montgomery brawl as being anti-Black or unsupportive of the way Black participants who defended the dock employee.

“Before tearing down [a] person’s character, how about you do your homework. I’m disappointed in the blogs [and] the media but especially some of my ‘fans’ [who] claim they ‘love me,'” he wrote. “‘LOVE’ is an ACTION WORD. You should be quick to defend your heroes and icons, like them brothers defended the captain in Montgomery. Y’all should’ve jumped to my rescue like ‘AQUAMAYNE.’”

Wayans concluded with, “Never let them do it again. And if you see it, STOP IT. I’ve never been THAT guy. I’ve always been and always will be ride or die. Big F**K YOU to the haters and the doubters. Bigger hugs and LOVE to my true friends, family, and REAL FANS.”

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