On Tuesday (July 11), The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Jamie Foxx is now one of the producers behind a forthcoming Luther Vandross documentary. By way of Foxxhole Productions, he joins fellow actor Colin Firth’s Raindog Films, Sony Music Entertainment’s Premium Content Division, and Sony Music Publishing. As described in the article, the movie will “follow the iconic artist as he charted his own course” and “capture the intensely private Grammy-winning artist’s passion for music, global rise, and personal struggles.”

“Luther is one of our GOATs,” Foxx said in an attached statement. “He’s one of the greatest singers in the history of music. It is truly an honor to be a part of the team to help bring this incredible story to the masses.”

Dawn Porter, the award-winning director behind acclaimed films like The Ladybird Diaries, John Lewis: Good Trouble, and The Way I See It, will be at the helm. “Like so many, I have always loved Luther’s music, but I had no idea of the breadth and scope of his artistry,” she admitted. “I think people will be surprised at how much he accomplished in his tragically short life. It is a joy to be able to share his true story.”

Following humble beginnings as a background vocalist, Vandross soon became one of music’s most profound stars. Much of his catalog — which includes songs like “Never Too Much,” “If Only For One Night,” and “Here and Now” — is considered by many to be timeless pieces of the R&B genre. His final studio LP, 2003’s Dance with My Father, peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and crossed the double platinum mark, proving that Vandross remained at the forefront for the entire duration of his career. Sadly, he would pass away two years later following a heart attack. He was 54.