One thing is for certain about GloRilla: She’s having fun as one of the music industry’s rising stars. Unlike some new artists’ meticulously crafted approach to making every career move perfect, the Memphis-bred emcee has instead chosen to enjoy opportunities to be unserious and carefree. And it’s working!

In a new video shared on Twitter, she has reminded folks again that she is here for a fun time, all the while taking notes on what fans want from her. “Y’all, I’m on here ‘cause I want to show y’all something,” she began in the clip posted on July 8. “So, I love constructive criticism. Y’all told me I need to work on my sex appeal. Y’all said I ain’t got none. Y’all said I need to be more feminine and s**t. So here goes nothin’ — I’m finna channel my inner Beyoncé… Sasha Fierce,” she said before proceeding to wind her hips and belly roll to “Beautiful Liar” by Beyoncé and Shakira.

One viewer jokingly commented, “You know she used to be in the mirror — Glo-Kira.” A second wrote, “The greatest sex appeal is you being you & doing you because can’t nobody be Glo… f**k what them people talking about.” Another said, “You are mad funny; don’t ever change lol. [And] you did great. You look great, mami.” See how GloRilla’s hips don’t lie in the tweet below.

In a follow-up tweet, she wrote, “[The] way I [don’t] take s**t serious[ly] should be illegal.” Her almost trance-like moves came on the heels of naysayers who criticized her recent award show performance. GloRilla, known for her deep, raspy voice, switched up her hard exterior at the 2023 BET Awards for her performance of “Lick or Sum.” With the help of a red leather ‘fit that showed off cleavage and a fishnet stocking-clad leg, she turned her set into something of a red-light special that was still suitable to be televised.