Yesterday (July 6) marked 50 Cent‘s 48th trip around the sun. In celebration of his birthday, DaBaby decided to share a powerful tribute to his mentor on Instagram.

“HAPPY G DAY TO THE [GOAT]. Still gonna hit your phone, but I wanted to show my love and appreciation publicly,” the North Carolina talent began. “Bruh, I tell you all the time, words can’t express how much I appreciate the relationship I got with you. Since the day I met you, you done gave me a lifetime worth of game and motivation. Put your arm around a n**ga at one of my lowest points, treated anything of mines like it was yours, treated anybody attached to me like family. Showed me how to navigate through the bulls**t the RIGHT way!”

The Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment CEO continued, “Don’t take yourself lightly, bruh, you’re a walking BLESSING, and I know anybody with the pleasure of knowing you can vouch! If they don’t, f**k ’em and everybody that love ’em! [I] tell you once a month [that] you’re the last role model I got left!”

Back in 2021, 50 Cent spoke to Nightly Pop about DaBaby, making it clear that his hip hop peer will persevere through any controversy in life “as long as he keeps his consistency with the music.”

“He just transitioned from being in that pool that everyone’s in as a rap artist. They didn’t notify him that he’s turning into a superstar,” 50 added. “There’s nobody that tells you, ‘Now you’re being held to these standards that are mainstream standards that you can’t say things, you can’t do these different things.’ He’s just two years into his career, there’s no artist development, no A&R, and he’s definitely had no media training.”

Check out 50’s Cent support of DaBaby below.