You already know Big Freedia is larger than life! And if you like the Queen of Bounce, you’ll love her new show on Fuse called “Big Freedia Means Business.”

The reality series features the icon juggling her career, multiple businesses, and love life in the midst of being a boss. With a hotel in the works, a record label, cannabis line, and aspirations of entering the luxury space, this superstar is chasing her dreams and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

The RENAISSANCE contributor spoke with REVOLT about her business ventures, how she cleans her chicken, her favorite strand of cannabis from her line, and what she wants audiences to take away from her new reality show. Check out the exclusive Pride Month and Black Music Month conversation with the one and only Big Freedia below.

Opening up Hotel Freedia is a big deal. What inspired the idea and how will it stand out amongst other hotels?

The hotel was inspired by the pandemic. I got a chance to start cooking at home, sharing my family recipes, and recipes I created on my own. The initial idea was to open up my own restaurant. As I continued to explore what I wanted to do and what it would look like, I ultimately decided to make it a hotel. It will stand out from the other hotels because it’s Black-owned, which is the No. 1 thing. Also, it will have the Freedia-centric touch ,which includes my own personal recipes, family recipes, a music venue with a pool, and a very chic, boutique-like hotel. It’s not a big hotel like the Marriott or the Hilton – it has a personal feel to it, from the design of it all down to the bathroom. It’s going to be fabulous, honey.

What’s one thing you wish every hotel had that guests will be able to enjoy at Hotel Freedia?

A wooden bathtub.

You’re working on a new album for next year. What artist would you like to invite to appear as a feature?

Oh my goodness – I would have to say [Janelle Monáe] is someone I would invite. Other artists I would love to have appear on it are Faith Evans, Kelly Price, Toni Braxton, and Donna Summer. If they are down for it, I’d love to have them.

What are some business tips you want to share with the Queer community this Pride Month?

Go in and own your business space. When you enter a room, make sure you’re confident and you know what you’re talking about. Light up the room, be passionate, kind, professional, and knock ’em dead.

What’s one tip for non-Queer folks on how to create a safe space for members of the LGBTQIA+ community?

I would say for them to make sure they lend their support – that’s the biggest thing. Being a supporter of our community, an ally, creating safe spaces for us, as well as being welcoming and opening doors for us. Keep on helping us break barriers and fight for our rights.

In light of Black Music Month, name three Black artists on your playlist right now who everyone should add.

RuPaul, Big Freedia, for sure, and Billy Porter.

You have worked with so many people who mean business in their own right, from Drake to Beyoncé. Have either of them given you any entrepreneurial advice?

While they haven’t given me any advice, I will say as business leaders, their business and work ethic can give us advice. Beyoncé is fierce, and you should look to her as a role model or business leader – she’s that girl. As for Drake, even the way he handles his business ventures is great for people to learn from.

Royal Bud is doing its thing. What’s your favorite strand from your collection, and what vibes do you like to experience when under the influence of cannabis?

I will say my favorite strand from my cannabis line is the “Release Your Wiggle.” The space I want to be in when I’m in my cannabis world is a creative space and open my mind to think of new ideas, new music, and new business ventures.

You recently did a record with Ciara called “$100 Bill.” What would Big Freedia buy with $100?

Probably some cannabis (laughs). Maybe a little T-Shirt or some food, but nothing much because $100 won’t get you that far, honey (laughs).

How was collaborating with Ciara? What’s her work ethic like?

Ciara is amazing and so sweet. It was great to work with her, from her kindness to her energy. Her work ethic is amazing, as she’s straight to the point and likes to get things done. She’s like myself – a one-take wonder, so let’s get it in this one take and make it happen.

You and Devon are going into business together despite some initial hesitation from him and your team. How have you two navigated working together and being in a relationship?

I always try and lift my partner up in everything that I do — like, bring him along with the business venture. Sometimes, he has his thoughts on things, and I just have to knock him on the side of his head, and tell him he better get it in order (laughs). We are steady growing and getting to know each other even more after all of these years. I want to keep giving him opportunities to grow as well and have a hand in things that I’m doing. People will see the ups and downs from me and him – we keep the business when it’s time for business and personal when it’s time for personal, period.

Is your team on board with you two working together now? What was the biggest challenge?

You’ll have to watch to see that, as I can’t give too much away, but I will say, [viewers] will see a few things that will be interesting during the series. It’s Devon and I, so you know we’re gonna bring some drama to the scene.

There’s a scene of you cooking chicken; meanwhile, Black Twitter has been debating how the meat should be cleaned. How do you advise people clean chicken?

The proper way to clean chicken is regular water – washing the chicken real good. Rinsing the chicken a few times. I rinse my chicken in a strainer or colander and once I’m done, I season it in the same strainer, so the ingredients aren’t everywhere. Growing up, the old school way to do it was clean out the sink, and sanitize real good, and we would clean it and season the chicken. Afterwards, we would put it in the flour and pop it in that grease, baby (laughs). Next thing you know, you have golden fried chicken.

What’s one thing in “Big Freedia Means Business” you’re looking forward to everyone seeing? Is there a scene you’re hesitant for the world to witness?

Nothing I’m hesitant about, but one thing I want people to take away from the series is for them to want to become a business leader and to want to become a business owner or CEO – get on their entrepreneur s**t. I want people to own those spaces; be confident and passionate about the businesses they want to start. I want to teach young people how to go out there and create spaces.