It looks like Nicki Minaj has stayed true to her word and undergone breast reduction surgery — something she’s hinted at for quite some time. A screen recording of a 2022 Instagram Live currently circulating on social media shows the “Princess Diana” rapper declaring, “It’s A cup season.” While her downsize doesn’t seem to be that drastic, a new clip definitely shows a change.

Yesterday (June 12), Minaj seemingly confirmed the procedure by addressing the topic in a video on her Instagram Story. “Nicki chopped off her mommy milkers,” the clip she reposted was titled. In the footage, the 40-year-old spoke with a reporter for Vogue on the red carpet of the 2022 Met Gala in New York. “Enjoy these titties ‘cause y’all ain’t ‘gon see it ever again. I told everybody that. They gettin’ [inaudible sounds],” she said before the clip transitioned to the star showing off a visibly smaller chest while wearing a white tank top.

“Nicki really left me solo with the big titties. That’s crazy!” City Girl member JT tweeted on Sunday (June 11). The message ended up in the “Super Freaky Girl” hitmaker’s liked posts. The New York native didn’t go into detail regarding her new reveal but chose to promote her upcoming single “Barbie World” featuring hip hop newcomer Ice Spice instead. The track will be featured in the Barbie film that follows the famed doll and her companion Ken into the real world. The release date is slated for July 21.

Minaj isn’t the only chart topper to recently open up about a reduction. In March, Doja Cat let off a series of tweets claiming she also made some adjustments to her frame. “Got my titties done and my c**t bedazzled,” the “Need to Know” artist claimed. When a fan responded, asking if she’d gone bigger, the 27-year-old replied, “Nope. Smaller.”