Nicki Minaj has given up-and-coming rapper Sexyy Red a major co-sign. The two emcees teamed up for the track “Pound Town 2,” which serves as a remix to “Pound Town.” The latter track was released at the top of the year and has taken social media by storm with the #PoundTownChallenge.

In a message to her Barbz, she gushed about linking up with Sexyy Red on the new record, which dropped on Friday (May 26). “I ain’t get this ratchet in a minute,” she began before writing, “I met with Sexyy Red and found her to be so down to earth and sweet.” The Grammy-nominated artist’s endearing note was shared on the rising talent’s Instagram page on Saturday (May 27).

She continued, “I couldn’t hear myself on this song at first, but once I let go [and] decided to just have fun with a bad b**ch, I ended up loving how it came out! … Show Sexyy Red lots of love. She’s a [really] down-to-earth, round-[the]-way girl, and I think she’s really unique and came off [as] really genuine. She reminded me so much of girls I grew up with in Queens.”

Elsewhere in the note, Nicki teased that she has something major in store for fans awaiting her next album, which is currently referred to as NM5. “As we wait for my next official move, I wanted to give you guys a [little something] that I know we gone turn up to on tour… [I] can’t wait for you to hear and see everything I have in store. It’s been a long time coming, but we came,” she wrote.

The “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” lyricist previously hinted at hitting the road again with new music. On May 10, she shared a compilation video of clips of her life as a mother and moments snapped throughout her career. Lil Wayne and Drake also made appearances. In the post’s caption, Nicki wrote, “Do you want me to perform this song on the NM5 tour? Do you want a YMCMB stadium tour after that? I really get to rap with the best to ever do it. And still learning from them behind the scenes every day. Yikes.”

Her last album, Queen, came out in 2018. Since then, she has popped up as a feature on a handful of other artists’ songs.