Duke Deuce isn’t letting anything stop his forward movement — not even a collision with a massive scrap of metal. On Wednesday (May 24), the Memphis talent revealed that he was in the hospital after a “hating a** n**ga” tried to run him over. Thankfully, the vehicle only met contact with his arm and his injuries were minor at best. “No broken bones or nothing, though… thank God. I’m a hard body n**ga [for real],” he stated in an Instagram post.

In celebration of Halloween 2022, Deuce unveiled the third installment of his Memphis Massacre series, a 13-track offering with additional assists from DJ Paul, Big Moochie Grape, Gloss Up, Glockianna, ATM RichBaby, and more. Since then, the Quality Control-signed artist made appearances on songs like the Rolling Loud-backed “Finger Food” and NLE Choppa’s “STOMP EM OUT.”

During an interview on the REVOLT Podcast Network’s “The Progress Report,” Deuce explained his hometown’s style of hip hop and its origins. “Well, of course, the crunk music come from Memphis,” he began. “Before we started calling it crunk, it was buck, and that went all the way back in the ’80s, you feel me? And then, ’round 1992, that’s when we really started calling it crunk. So, this s**t really been going on.”

He continued by breaking down the history behind his signature moves. “The gangsta walkin’ and s**t was all a part of it as well… A lot of people look at it as dancing ’cause they don’t know the roots and the culture of it. It was called gangsta walkin’ for a reason. Like, them motherf**kers that was doin’ it was gangstas and pimps, and they was really doin’ that s**t in the club. A lot of that s**t started in the skating rink.”

Check out Duke Deuce‘s aforementioned IG post below.