NBA fans around the world continue to chime in on Ja Morant’s current issues. The latest is Lil Wayne, who recently appeared on Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes’ Showtime podcast “All The Smoke.” In a video provided on Thursday (May 18), Weezy tried to imagine himself in the shoes of the suspended Memphis Grizzlies point guard, who was recently caught holding a gun on video for the second time.

“The best I could do is remember when I was younger and my homies, my squad, my n**gas around me, at the age where they don’t have money,” he said. “I’m the one with the money, and I don’t even know how much money I’ll end up with, but I’m the one with some money in my pocket. I know I got a bright future. My homies, they ain’t on a payroll. They my homies — they live good when they with me.”

He continued, “So if I was going through something at that point in time, something public like what slime going through, I could imagine the rebellious attitude I would have if my homies is egging that attitude on.”

Wayne then played devil’s advocate to the current wave of criticism by comparing Morant‘s past circumstances to his present-day wealth and fame.

“He come from like a town with 3,000 people. Like, what? What y’all expect? Y’all gave him $200 million,” the Young Money head honcho stated. “You expect him to be responsible? Now we tripping. That’s magic. ‘Cause I could tell you now, I come from a real well-raised, beautiful mother… My mama would bust her a** to make sure everything around me was nice, and I still was a knucklehead. I shot myself. And that young man? I could imagine if I came from a f**king place with 3,000 people and I became who I am.”

Check out the “All The Smoke” clip with Lil Wayne below.