Last Thursday (May 11), Nafe Smallz dropped off a new single titled “Nostalgic.” Produced by Eight, Harry Beech, and Sean Murdz, the track sees the Luton star delivering melodic raps about his high-end lifestyle, a wild relationship, and more.

“Two hours late, but I bet that she waited, I walk in the door, ain’t no question I’m faded, dressin’ impressive on every occasion, but she know I love it the best when she naked, she know I love it the best when she home, yeah, she know I love it the best when she moan, brand new chinchilla, that mink is on me, I hop out the Lamb’ with them blinkers on, we started f**kin’, she think she know me, bet she doesn’t know ’bout that s**t I’m on, I left the stress in the spliff, I traded my pain with the styrofoam…”

The accompanying clip for “Nostalgic” comes courtesy of Kyerector and Atum Media and mainly takes place at a lavish residence with a driveway full of high-end cars. Throughout, viewers can see Smallz counting money at a table, hanging with his crew, and going through the ups and down with a love interest.

Back in May of 2022, Smallz liberated his most recent body of work, Legacy, a 16-song offering with additional features from Young T & Bugsey, Lil Tjay, Unknown T, and D-Block Europe. Since then, he’s continued his momentum with quality cuts like “Sex On The Moon,” “Hypnotised” with Tiny Boost, and “Groupie” with Krept & Konan. Outside of his own work, the “Home Run” talent could also be heard on drops like ​wewantwraiths’ “Most Wanted,” Young Cardi’s “STARGAZING,” Lil Berete’s “I C Y,” Rita Ora’s “You Only Love Me (Zdot Remix),” and Nines’ “Different League.” Press play on Nafe Smallz’s “Nostalgic” video below.