On Friday (May 12), Potter Payper unveiled his long-awaited debut LP, Real Back In Style, which was released via 0207 Def Jam and boasts 15 dope cuts for fans to enjoy. In addition to the album, the East London star liberated an animated visual for the closer “White Ash,” a GX and Joe Stanley-produced standout that sees him toiling over his criminal past and current bouts with fame.

“White ash on my hotel floor room, feds still watchin’, hopin’ they get bored soon, I’m bored of the fame, but that’s my good fortune, I keep losin’ all my friends and that subject’s sore too, never switch on me, I know I can’t force you, I can’t trust you, how could I endorse you? I just hope you run with everything I taught you, I said I just hope you run with everything I taught you…”

On Monday (May 15), Payper continued his promotional campaign by appearing on the latest episode of “COLORS,” where he performed the aforementioned project’s title track. As with “White Ash,” the Jason Julian and Kyle Evans-backed “Real Back In Style” keeps with the rapper’s penchant for delivering vivid rhymes about what he’s been through and how it affects him in present times.

“You ain’t got to be the richest, just be the realest, my claim’s critical, but, I’m a f**kin’ cynic, you’re a f**kin’ gimmick, mimic, do it all for the image, but never really did it, I can’t rest, I’m too wicked, I feel my mood switchin’, I ain’t never gave nobody a problem who didn’t want it, all you had to do was show me, and I went and got it, there’s an elephant in the room, but I’m sittin’ on it…”

Press play on Real Back In Style, along with the clips for “White Ash” and Payper‘s “COLORS” performance, below.