Back in 2016, Baby Tate — then known as Yung Baby Tate — broke through the mold with “Hey, Mickey!” Produced by TayDay, the infectious cut borrowed from Toni Basil’s ’80s hit “Mickey” to tell a story about a love interest that might be more trouble than he’s worth.

“Met this boy named Mickey, he had on some yellow Dickies, I knew he was a h** because his neck had hella hickies, I said, ‘It’s nice to meet you,’ shook his hand and it was sticky, I looked into his eyes and then, that’s when it hit me, I said, ‘Oh, Mickey, you’re so fine, so fine, you blow my mind,’ I just might let you come into my life and waste my time…”

Back in March of this year, Baby Tate upgraded the track with some help from Saweetie. As expected, the “ICY GRL” collaborator perfectly matched the song’s vibes with some spicy rhymes of her own.

“Mickey, maybe I could be your Minnie, I’m about my cheddar, but I never been no snitchey, zip them lippys, flexin’ all that cash, but you acting like a kiddie, this ain’t Disney, real boss b**ch, leave a n**ga quick, what I look like? I’m too litty, ayy, bay bay, I’m with Tate, she a Taurus, I’m a Cancer, where my college b**ches? USC my alma mater, ‘Is her booty real?’ Girl, does it even matter?”

Fans can also enjoy a matching visual for “Hey, Mickey!” that comes courtesy of Chandler Lass and brings us into a world of miniature people. Throughout the clip, tiny versions of Baby Tate and Saweetie dance on top of cars, ride around on the back of a pickup truck, and live it up at a colorful party. Press play and check it all out below.