Ice Spice continues to deliver! Less than 12 months after dropping “Munch (Feelin’ U),” the 23-year-old, born Isis Naija Gaston, has become one of the biggest new artists of this generation. The Bronx-born rapper has secured a label deal worth millions, landed a chart-topping feature with Nicki Minaj, attended her first Met Gala, and now, she’s serving looks on the cover of Billboard.

Twitter is pleased.

Today (May 11), Billboard rolled out a massive feature with the young talent and social media users are stunned by the photos. One look sees Ice with flowing red tresses, serving up what some consider Scooby-Doo realness in a purple mini. “Yes, Daphne!” one person said with heart emojis of the hitmaker’s similarities to the beloved classic cartoon character. Another added, “Suddenly, I wanna do whatever she says for a Scooby snack.”

Users also discussed how she switched her style from her signature curly ‘fro. “I hope she never gets rid of the red hair,” a fan said of the fun, new mane. Another admitted they are thoroughly enjoying the options and can’t wait to see what the next will be: “When she [steps] out [with] a [black] buss down, I’mma be gagged.” Adoration rolled in as one announced, “Ice Spice is THAT girl.” Another declared it “The Ice Age.”

While supporters praised her looks, it’s worth noting that Ice applauded other female musicians who came before her during the exclusive interview. She credited her father for teaching her about rap early on and admitted he’s the reason she loves the “Barbie Dreams” emcee. “He’s always schooling me on what’s happened in hip hop… he’s the one who told me about Nicki Minaj in the first place,” she confessed. “Princess Diana” also credited Erica Banks’ viral “Buss It” challenge for making her aware of the influence social media can have on a career.

See clips of her interview and what fans are saying below!