Today (April 14), Paris Price unveils his new EP Vanity, which consists of four dope cuts and a single assist from Kayo. Via press release, the project is described as the rising star’s curation of “his lifestyle, including beautiful women, vintage cars, fancy restaurants, [and] nice clothes.”

The opener, the Aiden Carroll and broke bwoy-produced “Mi Amor,” sees Price keeping things open and honest with a significant other.

“Baby, I was dead inside, ’til I ran into you looking like no other lover, baby, I was mesmorized, once I felt this new connection between one another, who am I to fall into foolish pride… I think about you when I’m steppin’ wit’ the guys, roll your eyes, why you acting so surprised?”

Over the past few years, Price kept his exponentially growing fanbase fed with a slew of top-tier singles, including “Jungle,” “Love Jones” with Dende, “Round The Way,” “Fallin,” and “One Call Away.” In 2020, the masses were treated to another well-received EP titled In The Mean Time, a five-track effort with contributions from Dende, Innanet James, Foggieraw, Kembe X, and Xian Bell.

In an interview with modrNation, Price opened up about how his DMV upbringing influenced his sound.

“We have a very diverse music culture,” he said. “We’re in tune with southern music, northern music, and so much more, so there’s a lot of sounds. And that influences you to want to research other sounds and just find what you like.”

He also revealed his inspirations outside of his hometown. “Drake and Cole definitely, growing up listening to those two,” he explained. “Friday Night Lights, it’s just super nostalgic. Frank Ocean, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Bryson Tiller, Anderson .Paak. I listen to a lot of other artists, but that’s the core group I’ve been listening to.”

Press play on Paris Price’s Vanity EP below.