In the summer of 2022, 25-year-old Jayland Walker was shot and killed by police. And now, a grand jury could soon decide whether officers involved will face criminal charges for his death.

Earlier today (April 10), The Associated Press revealed that a grand jury will hear evidence this week to determine if there is enough to hold law enforcement responsible for the shooting death of Walker.

On June 27, 2022, eight officers fired over 50 shots at Walker in Akron, Ohio. Prior to that, authorities alleged the incident began when they attempted to pull the young Black man over for a traffic violation.

GRAPHIC WARNING! The post below contains the shooting death of 25-year-old Walker.

However, Walker reportedly failed to stop and allegedly fired at cops from his vehicle during the car chase. Afterward, he exited his vehicle leading police on a foot pursuit. It was then that the local authorities fatally wounded Walker. Later, a county medical examiner revealed officers’ bullets struck the 25-year-old 46 times.

The following month, law enforcement released the bodycam footage of the incident. The video disputed authorities’ previous claims that Walker made a threatening gesture toward them before the fatal shooting. During the foot chase, the young man was unarmed.

Police did, however, find a loaded weapon and wedding ring in the passenger seat of his vehicle. After news of Walker’s death received widespread attention, a city protest ensued, and the Department of Justice opened a federal civil rights investigation into the incident.

Ahead of the upcoming hearing, city leaders have held several meetings to prepare for potential protests. According to the outlet, Akron is deciding whether to put up a protest zone downtown outside the city hall building. They have also added temporary fencing around the county courthouse.

“We’re not anticipating violence, but we’re preparing for anything,” city spokesperson Stephanie Marsh said. “We don’t know how folks are going to feel and how they’re going to react.”

After taking over the investigation from Akron police last summer, prosecutors with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office will present the case to the grand jury.