Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has been one of the most outspoken leaders in the Republican caucus since she was elected to office in 2020. She’s an ardent supporter of Former President Donald Trump and was in attendance at protests in New York City today (April 4) as the twice-impeached leader became the first U.S. president in history to face criminal charges. While on her way to the protests, Greene gave an interview where she spoke about how this day — and Trump — will go down in history. Needless to say her response had many viewers laughing.

“President Trump is joining some of the most incredible people in history being arrested today,” she stated plainly to a Right Side Broadcasting Network reporter. “Nelson Mandela was arrested, served time in prison. Jesus! Jesus was arrested and murdered.”

“There have been many people throughout history that have been arrested and persecuted by radical, corrupt governments, and it’s beginning today in New York City,” she added. Watch the exchange below.

Likening Trump‘s arrest to that of Mandela and Jesus drew a swift response from Twitter users. “Yes, we all remember when Jesus left his third wife behind at his Bethlehem beach estate, flew by private jet to his gold-plated Jerusalem penthouse, and was escorted by his disciples in a motorcade to surrender to Pontius Pilate for paying 130 silver coins to hide an affair,” political commentator Keith Boykin posted. “Marjorie Taylor Greene has never said an intelligent thing in her life, and you know when someone just looks so hollow-headed? Like, I just know her head rattles,” another user shared. Check out some of the tweets below.

Some users pointed out that Greene wasn’t speaking to any other reporter. She was being interviewed by her alleged boyfriend whom she first became romantically involved with last year while they were both married. “Just to put this heartbreaking story of Christian persecution in perspective, the guy interviewing her is Brian Glenn, the married man she had an affair with that led to both of their divorces last summer. So, MTG is clutching that Bible hard with her lover as her stenographer,” political podcaster Fred Wellman wrote. See some of the call-out posts below.

Greene, for her part, was thrilled to be on site at the Manhattan criminal courthouse to support the 45th president. “Today, I came to New York City to peacefully and patriotically make my voice heard: ‘President Trump did nothing wrong!'” the congresswoman captioned a video, seen below, of her rallying crowds with a megaphone.