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  /  02.25.2021


Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has been linked to the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection through rioter Anthony Aguero, CNN reports. Aguero, a conservative live-streamer who stormed the Capitol, has worked with Greene in the past on pro-Trump causes like the Mexican-American border wall and attended pro-Trump rallies together.

In a video shared on Jan. 7, Aguero reportedly said, “We were all there. It was not Antifa and it was not BLM. It was Trump supporters that did that yesterday.”

“I’m the first to admit it, being one myself,” he added, later defending his actions. “I walked amongst all those people.”

Aguero also went live during the riot and said, “A message was sent. These politicians are not going to continue to get away with the abuse as they’ve been doing. We will continue to press on these individuals.”

Aguero also reportedly told his followers he’d captured footage of the National Guard’s response and the death of a rioter, likely Ashli Babbit.

“The National Guard has just been called in,” he said. “A woman was shot in the face earlier. There was blood all over the floor. I recorded it for y’all. I could not go live during the whole event because the signal was either jammed purposely or there was just too many, too many people out there. Guys, I was able to make it inside the chambers and I have footage that I’m going to provide for you guys as we made our way in there.”

In several since-deleted videos, CNN reports, Greene called Aguero “amazing” and “one of [her] closest friends.” Besides her affiliation with the rioter, Greene herself has also been accused by Democrats of helping to incite the attack by encouraging her followers to “fight for Trump.” The freshman congresswoman was one of several Republicans who claimed the 2020 election was stolen from the former president.

The news arrives a few days after Congress held its first hearing on the Capitol insurrection and determined that it was likely a coordinated attack.

Greene was also under fire on Thursday (Feb. 25) after a widely circulated video showed her hanging up an anti-trans sign outside of her office. The sign was aimed at Democratic Rep. Marie Newman, who hung a transgender pride flag outside of her office, directly opposite Greene’s, earlier this week.

Newman, who has a transgender daughter, hung the flag in protest of Greene’s opposition to the proposed LGBTQ rights bill, the Equality Act. In response, Greene hung her sign, which read: “There are TWO genders: MALE & FEMALE. Trust The Science.”

See footage of the sign below.



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