Chlöe Bailey doesn’t miss! At midnight (March 24), the 24-year-old singer released her newest single, “Body Do,” after saying fans had been so good to her.

And ever since the track dropped, Twitter has been in a near chokehold as they react to the upbeat, sensual hit. The song is featured on Chlöe’s highly anticipated debut album, In Pieces, which will be released next Friday (March 31).

On the single, co-produced by 2300, Chlöe talks about the different emotions of uncertainty when you’re in a relationship with an individual you don’t trust. Fans were so captivated by the beat and lyrics they asked Chlöe why it wasn’t longer. “Chlöe, baby. Why is the song so short?” a Twitter user questioned. Her response: “I had nothing left to say.”

But short and all, Twitter has crowned “Body Do” as a certified hit and bop. “There’s no doubt in my mind of ‘Body Do’ being a top 10 hit,” one Twitter user wrote. Another proclaimed, “‘Body Do’ is so unique in music [right] [now]. I hope it gets the flowers it deserves.” A third said, “‘Body Do’ by Chlöe, is officially my new workout song, okay!”

The rising Georgia-born star has had fans moving to her music since she debuted as a solo artist in 2021. From “Have Mercy” to now “Body Do,” Chlöe continues to show why she’s part of the future of music.

And if anyone thought Chlöe was a one-trick pony, it can be confirmed now that she is not. The 24-year-old also has a niche for acting, shining brightly in 2023. Not only is she starring in TV shows like “Swarm,” but she is also taking the lead in films. Check out more of how fans have their bodies moving to Chlöe’s new song on Twitter below: