Yesterday (March 19), SZA defended her posting a young fan on social media after users reportedly took issue with it. On March 18, the 33-year-old singer stopped at the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon as part of her “SOS Tour.” During the show, the St. Louis artist noticed a little boy in the crowd with a sticker of her tour’s name on his face, jumping while enjoying her performances. Afterward, SZA hopped on social media to shout out the fan and reveal that she tried to find him after the show, but he was already gone.

“Portland!! To the little boy in the front with the blonde hair and the pink sweater with the stickers on his face, I love you!! I sent people out to look for you after I came off stage, but you were gone! You and your dad are the best. Thank you for coming. [And] [I’m] sorry for my bad words. Lol,” SZA shared on Twitter along with a GIF of the kid.

While SZA seemingly intended to show the kid love, several Twitter users felt she shouldn’t have revealed the boy’s identity, triggering a response from the “Nobody Gets Me” artist. “To be clear, I spoke to the boy and his parents, and they had no problem with me posting him and said they were actually grateful,” she tweeted. “They saw no issue. I would never intentionally put a child in harm’s way, and I’m grateful they didn’t see it that way. Y’all have a blessed day.”

The young boy also appeared to be delighted by SZA’s shout out as he was recorded shockingly reading the Twitter post by the singer with the “SOS” sticker still attached to his face. SZA’s “SOS Tour” is set to continue through spring before wrapping up on May 21 at the 2023 Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama.