Grammy-winning rapper Kid Cudi took to Twitter in September 2022 with some big news: The Man on the Moon MC was writing a memoir. Yesterday (March 12), he shared an update on his literary endeavor with fans, promising that the book will dive deep into never-before-heard stories from Cudder’s life.

“I’m working on my memoir, and I have about four or five chapters so far, and I touched on a lot,” he said in a voice message on Twitter. “I talked about a lot of s**t that y’all have no idea [about] and stuff that you’ve never heard about. My upbringing, you know, how I got started with music and even how I got interested in acting.”

“This book is gonna be something that I hope inspires people,” he continued. “Anybody that has a dream [or] that wants to do anything, especially those kids in those small towns somewhere in the United States or anywhere outside in the world, in another country, that just want to do something great with their lives, I feel like this book is gonna give you that push that you need.”

“This book is definitely gonna continue the same formula I started with the music and hopefully it’ll be something you can keep with you, and something that can guide you, and give you some inspiration and some hope,” he added. He hopes that it’ll be out sometime next year, possibly in the fall, and reassured fans that he would keep them posted on his progress. And for those who would prefer to listen to Cudi’s story rather than read it, the “Want It Bad” rhymer will be narrating the audiobook. “[You] will hear my story in my voice,” he tweeted proudly.

The project comes in the wake of his album Entergalactic and the accompanying Netflix animated film of the same name. Cudi first revealed that a book was in the works days before Entergalactic‘s release in September 2022. He confessed on Twitter at the time that it was a difficult but necessary process.

“It’s comin’ together really well,” he shared. “Tellin’ my story in my own words is scary, but I feel like it needs to be told. I feel like everything will make a lil’ more sense as to why you all met such a troubled boy in the beginning.”