As previously reported by REVOLT, in July 2022, Daniel Daley and Nineteen85 of the R&B group DVSN set the internet ablaze when they dropped the music video to their song, “If I Get Caught.” The honest track explained how even if the two men’s girlfriends found out they were cheating, it didn’t mean they weren’t still in love with their partners. Some on social media called the banger “toxic.”

It seems DVSN has no issue with a bit of controversy. On Feb. 21, a female fan named Lesley attended one of their concerts. It’s not uncommon for artists to interact with their supporters during the show, and at a certain point, Lesley was invited on stage (with several other women) to dance with the group. Well, Lesley seized the moment and began to grind on Daley. The action was caught on cellphone footage and gained popularity online, but the story took a turn when Lesley posted a text message screenshot from a guy she was dating who didn’t agree with her actions.

In a now-viral tweet, the unidentified man said, “Guess [you] had a good time shaking [your] a** on the dude who was performing.” Her response? “He a hater, YES I DID.” This prompted many to debate whether or not her behavior was disrespectful. “You was having a good time on that stage, sis. F**k that n**ga,” one person commented on a second clip of Lesley dancing at the DVSN concert that night. On the morning of Feb. 22, Lesley tweeted, “I am a SINGLE woman!

That same night, Lesley posted an interesting photo on Twitter with a jaw-dropping caption: “It’s only right to have my first tat done by my fave R&B artist.” The picture showed her lying on a tattoo table getting inked by none other than Daley himself. “Wildest Twitter development ever,” one person commented. “Bro, how the f**k is all of this happening? I’m literally laughing,” another user said. Others cheered on the outcome: “An unbothered queen who knows her worth. We love to see it.”

See the saga below.