Fans of Adam Carolla, Bill Goldberg, and Matt “The Motorator” D’Andria tuned in to the latest episode of their “CarCast” podcast on Wednesday (Feb. 15). While the show is mainly geared around the automotive space, the hosts decided to give their take on Sunday’s (Feb. 12) Super Bowl — specifically, the most impactful car commercials that ran during the big event. When the topic eventually zeroed in on Rihanna’s halftime show performance, Goldberg made it clear that he was less than thrilled, to say the least.

“I thought Rihanna was frickin’ horrible. I mean I was disgusted by it,” he gibed. “That’s all. Let’s just say that. That’s the understatement of the year. I thought it was horrible.”

When D’Andria attempted to steer the subject towards Chris Stapleton’s rendition of the national anthem, Goldberg responded with another remark aimed at the “Umbrella” star. “Well, he didn’t grab his crotch every 15 seconds,” the veteran wrestler stated while praising Stapleton for not “making it all about [him], that’s all. Just performing it in a really good way. Period. End of story.”

As expected, fans of both Rihanna and professional wrestling have now set their sights on Goldberg over his comments. One Twitter user, Scott Fishman, was more surprised by the news than anything else. “I did not have Bill Goldberg and Rihanna sharing headlines on my 2023 Bingo card,” he tweeted. Another who goes by the handle “divadadde” was more scathing, as the user questioned why we’re even concerned about his opinion.

“[Goldberg’s] statement on Rihanna’s performance [is] making TMZ headlines as if anyone gives [a f***] about what that geezer has to say. Truly a slow news day.”

Many have also decided to create humorous tweets based around the 56-year-old’s long-running feud with wrestling legend Bret Hart, who blames Goldberg for ending his career. You can see those and others below.