From the day parties to the mixers, the game itself and more, Super Bowl LVII weekend was exciting. Every year, the big game helps increase the local economy in whatever city that hosts the event. This is done not only through the anticipation for the biggest sports event in the nation, but through the hefty amount of celebrity appearances.

From the walk-throughs to the concerts, everyone secured a major bag during the weekend. Lil Baby is an exception, however. He delivered an impromptu show for his fans despite not receiving payment for his performance.

While tours and performances are the main money makers for most rappers, Baby values the support of his fans more than a bag. This past weekend, the Quality Control rapper performed at a concert that he was not scheduled to perform. As he took the stage, Baby put the promoter on blast. “I’m gonna tell y’all straight up. The promoter tricked me. I wasn’t even supposed to be performing, but there’s so many of y’all,” he told the audience.

Despite how much he possibly missed out on, his fans were on the receiving side of an incredible performance. Baby is fresh off of the release of his latest studio album, It’s Only Me, so he brought forth an engaging performance with a mix of new and old records. It is very likely the Atlanta rapper secured the bag elsewhere, so chances are, he was not tripping over giving a free show. He also performed at Michael Rubin’s Fanatics Super Bowl LVII party along with Travis Scott.

Once again, congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs for the stunning win over the Philadelphia Eagles. Oh yeah, and the biggest winner of the night: the one and only Rihanna!