Today (Feb. 10), ABC News released the first look at an upcoming interview featuring Damar Hamlin. On Monday (Feb. 13), the network will air the Buffalo Bills safety’s first in-depth discussion since his near-fatal cardiac arrest on Jan. 2. Sports commentator Michael Strahan will lead the conversation.

As previously reported by REVOLT, the 24-year-old’s intense health scare played out publicly during a televised Monday Night Football live broadcast. Hamlin collapsed on the field and left his peers, the opposing team — the Cincinnati Bengals — and many onlookers frightened. After being hospitalized and working with top medical officials to aid in his recovery, the young football star is finally ready to discuss the harrowing experience. “The assistant athletic trainer, Denny Kellington, he came out and administered CPR to you,” Strahan said during the sit-down. “[He] alerted everyone else that the situation was pretty serious. What goes through your mind when you think about Denny and what he did?” the “Good Morning America” co-anchor asked.

“I owe Denny my life, literally,” Hamlin responded. “He loves to say he was just doing his job, which is true, you know? [But] that night he was literally the savior of my life,” the NFL player emotionally shared. Last night (Feb. 9), Hamlin had another opportunity to show his gratitude to those who assisted him during his time of need. During an NFL Honors ceremony, he surprised the audience and spoke a little about how his situation has given him a new perspective on life. “Every day, I am amazed that my experiences could encourage so many others across the country and even across the world,” he shared.

Hamlin added, “Encourage to pray, encourage to spread love and encourage to keep fighting, no matter the circumstances. Sudden cardiac arrest was nothing that I would have ever chosen to be a part of my story. But that’s because sometimes, our own visions are too small, even when we think we are seeing the bigger picture. My vision was about playing in the NFL and being the best player that I could be. But God’s plan was to have a greater purpose than any game in this world.” While the Buffalo Bills may be out for the season, this Sunday (Feb. 12), football will be front and center as the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2023 Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona.

Check out a snippet of the interview below.