The last seven years of Lil Zac The DJ’s career have included deejaying for Mo3 during the final years of his life and helping Blac Youngsta take his career to the next level. On the road is where Zac saw just how much Youngsta’s fans love him, no matter how unorthodox the interactions may seem.

“A lot of people walk up to him and say his little sayings and random facts. One time backstage, one of his fans asked, ‘Hey, how’s your dog? How’s your cat?’ They know his sayings like, “Hello, darling” and stuff like that. They may just walk up to him and just say, ‘Whore,’” Lil Zac told REVOLT.

In this installment of “Tour Tales,” Blac Youngsta’s official DJ recalls Mo3’s final show, talks Blac Youngsta and Yo Gotti’s connection, and much more. Read our exclusive interview below.

How did you first connect with Blac Youngsta?

I connected with him through various people, from one of my friends from college to his management and some people in Houston. It was a combination of a lot of different things. Then, when the time presented itself after Mo3 passed, I came into the picture with him, and we’ve been rocking ever since. In the beginning, I was just a regular fan. I was a DJ in college. I was working with a few promoters and in my college town, they booked them. That was probably around 2016. I went on to DJ for Mo3 and did various tours. Mo3 had a song with Blac Youngsta. After the passing of Mo3 at the end of 2020, I was in the works of becoming Black Youngsta’s official DJ. That was January 2021 when we made it official.

Speaking of Mo3, how close were you two?

I was all in with Mo3. I was deejaying, driving, doing a combination of many things, but I was really his DJ. Our team was super small. It was just his manager Rainwater and me. I was working with Mo3 around the end of 2015. Then, we went strong in 2016.

Did you two tour?

We put on our tours together based on people booking us 10 shows at a time and us naming it after the mixtape. One of the first shows we ever had together was in Houston. He came to Houston to do a feature with Moneybagg Yo. I knew his manager. My energy and how I introduced him, my explosion on the mic, he gravitated to it. He DMed me afterward, and we went from there. I had a lot of crowd control.

What were some of your favorite shows with Mo3?

Unquestionably, Mo3 at House of Blues in Downtown Dallas. He sold it out all on his own. We rehearsed for that show and had backup dancers. We sold out of a lot of the merch. We had a movie as an intro with the sound and everything. Then he would perform two or three more songs, and the dancers would come out. It was an amazing time.

How did you two develop a personal bond on the road?

We played Connect Four. Mo3 was Connect Four king. We took Connect Four everywhere with us, bro. He used to beat [program directors] at the radio station and other rappers. He and Boosie were supposed to be setting up a Connect Four tournament. Boosie was going to put up like $300,000 on Mo3 to go against any rapper that wanted to play against him. This was around 2019.

Do you remember the last show you had with Mo3?

Our last show was a sold-out concert in Indianapolis, Indiana. He had just dropped “Broken Love.” They were singing that song word for word. He was up to 20,000 people per show at that particular time. The energy in there was crazy. We were about to get ready to drop another project. I had just put together one of his biggest songs, “Outside.” It was a great feeling.

Mo3 died on Nov. 11, 2020. How long before that was the show?

He passed on a Wednesday. So, it was three or four days before that because we got back in town that Sunday.

Did he have additional concerts planned?

We had 20 other shows booked.

What was your first show with Blac Youngsta?

During Super Bowl weekend. My first show with Blac Youngsta was in Tampa Bay, Florida [on Feb. 5, 2021].

What was Blac Youngsta’s set like when you first got with him?

Mo3 was more southern street sing-a-long music. Blac Youngsta’s set is a whole lot of energy. Whether it’s a hosting [job] or an actual tour, his set is about 30 to 40 minutes long. Sometimes, he comes out to “Gang Gang.” When he comes out, he does his little dance and stuff. I hype him up, and we take it from there.

We see how comical Blac Youngsta is on social media. How much of that is his actual personality backstage?

Backstage with Blac Youngsta is the same as you see on Instagram. He’s funny. He’s really down-to-earth. He welcomes everybody with open arms.

What are his tour hits?

Definitely “Gang Gang” with him and Moneybagg Yo. His song “Hip Hopper” with him and Lil Yachty is a super banger. It’s a crossover record. So, no matter if we’re in Minneapolis, Dallas, Texas, or Atlanta, they will sing that song word for word. But, obviously, “Booty” is his biggest song.

Youngsta also looks like he’s in great shape. Does he stick to a fitness regimen on the road?

Yeah, we go back and forth. He works out every day. We have this little pushup thing we do from time to time where we may make a little bet, and whoever loses has to do 50 pushups. So, that’s how we bet on the road.

How involved is Yo Gotti in Blac Youngsta’s career?

Yo Gotti is involved. He’s like a big brother. I know Youngsta talks to him all the time. They have a great relationship. I think he’s been to two of our shows — one we had in Vegas and one in LA. When Gotti comes, he always looks amazed. Youngsta was his first artist. It’s like he’s his first child. So, he’ll be smiling from ear to ear.

What do you add to Youngsta’s set?

I add the crowd control, the talking between songs, and the transition because he’ll start dancing so much that he’ll run out of breath. When he runs out of breath, he forgets what the following line of the song will be. So, I’m backing him up and keeping him on track. He may go in a crowd. One time we were on “Wild ‘N Out” with Nick Cannon, and they both went in the crowd. They lost each other (laughs). His energy is all over the place.

Was there a moment when he ran out of breath and you had to help?

FedExForum in Memphis, Tennessee for Lil Baby and Friends. 42 Dugg brought him out on his set. When Dugg brings him out on his set, he gifts him with the ’42’ chain. When he gives Youngsta the chain, Youngsta proceeds to perform and stuff. Before he gave him the chain, I had to stop him and tell him, “You need to pay attention” (laughs). He was just going, and going, and going, and going.

What do you remember about his fan interactions?

A lot of people walk up to him and say his little sayings and random facts. One time backstage, one of his fans asked, “Hey, how’s your dog? How’s your cat?” They know his sayings like, “Hello, darling” and stuff like that. They may just walk up to him and just say, “Whore.”

What do you have coming up in 2023?

I’m moving and grooving. I’m on Future’s “One Big Party Tour,” deejaying for Lil Jairmy on there. Youngsta’s supposed to have an upcoming tour that’s about 40 dates. So, we’re putting that together.