Today (Feb. 5), Trevor Noah took the stage as the 2023 Grammys host. This marks the South African comedian’s third time serving as the master of ceremonies for music’s biggest night.

As the televised program began at the Arena in Los Angeles, Noah reminded viewers that it was the first time the big night has been held in the city in three years since adjustments were previously made due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After introducing Bad Bunny as the opening act, the comedian noted the Puerto Rican artist’s album was so good that it “made Trump want to learn Spanish.” He also credited Beyoncé with inspiring him to quit his job as the Daily Show host after hearing her hit 2022 single “BREAK MY SOUL.” He then joked that he wished he would’ve saved up before making the decision.

Last week, Noah spoke with People about which of the 2023 Grammy nominees he’s had on repeat lately. “I’ve enjoyed everything that’s come up this year. Everything from DJ Khaled and JAY-Z and what they did together. And I’ve loved Kendrick [Lamar]’s work, and Beyoncé was a soundtrack of my life,” the former Daily Show host revealed. He also discussed why it was a no-brainer to return to the stage for a third year: “It’s a lot easier to say yes when you see who’s gonna be at the Grammys and you see everybody from Beyoncé to Adele to Lizzo to Bad Bunny to Harry Styles, you know, everybody competing for Album of the Year, in a year where Beyoncé might break the record for most awarded individual. I mean, why would you not wanna be a part of that?”

While speaking with the outlet, he also hinted at what we could expect for tonight’s show. “One of your favorite performers is a woman, and that woman is going to be performing at the Grammys. Then one of your other favorite performers is a man, and that man is going to be performing at the Grammys, and you’re going, ‘Oh, but that could be anyone,’ but you know, it’s not anyone, though, because you’ve been listening to their album the whole year, and it’s been huge,” Noah teased. Although his response may be a bit vague, the list of confirmed performers includes Lizzo and Mary J. Blige. DJ Khaled has also recruited Fridayy, JAY-Z, John Legend, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross to perform their No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 single “GOD DID.” And we certainly can’t forget the 50 years of hip hop tribute scheduled for tonight.