By now, most people know that Master P loves a good business opportunity. The No Limit Records founder has become recognized for his many lucrative endeavors, which include movies, the popular Rap Snacks chips and, most recently, his cereal venture with longtime friend Snoop Dogg.

While the mogul could brag on all that he has achieved in his career and the countless people he has helped, he still chooses to remain humble and is, most of all, grateful for the ability to pour into others. The latter is something he recently noted when he appeared on the “Montgomery & Co.” podcast and was asked about the time he fronted 50 Cent’s first tour.

For the New Orleans native, it was an easy decision. “I’m the first person to believe in him; that’s basically what you heard,” said Master P. “Nobody else believed in him. I seen the vision. Like this guy is a hard worker, he has a lot of talent, so I’mma put my money up to put him on tour, which is a blessing.”

In past interviews, 50 Cent has detailed how the “Make ‘Em Say Ugh” rapper covered the cost of an eight-city tour. However, after the four shows, the “Wanksta” artist blew up.”I invested in somebody who I believed in… I didn’t know that he was going to blow up and sell two million records, which nobody knew that. It was like I just thought it was a great product, [so] I invested in it… That opened up so many doors for him,” he added.

Last month, during an interview with Big Boy, Fif spoke highly of the record executive and his ability to make things happen. “P is prolific, man,” said the “Power” co-creator. He continued, “You see how Snoop’s respect for Master P is? He’s one of those guys where he’ll find a way. Even if he’s hitting a spot at the moment — anybody who has a long enough career has peaks and valleys in it. But he’s one of those guys that’ll figure it out.”

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