Today (Feb. 2), Big Bank, DJ Scream, and Baby Jade kicked off their first “Big Facts” episode of the new year with budding comedian Funny Marco. In the season three premiere, the crew was able to converse with the Kansas City native in a different light than what his fans are used to seeing. The social media star is bulldozing his way through the world of comedy and is best known for his viral online pranks as well as interviews with celebrities like Boosie Badazz and GloRilla.

Marco Summers was a bartender in Kansas City, making people laugh with no real end goal in mind. It wasn’t until he moved to Atlanta four years ago that he realized he could get paid for his talent. He understood he had to leave Kansas City, as his hometown lacked the motion he needed to succeed, and originally planned to move to St. Louis. However, after interacting with someone who offered to manage him, the aspiring comedian moved to Georgia, and that transition had a huge impact on the momentum of his new career in comedy. Marco became “Funny Marco” when someone in a gas station said to him, “You’re funny, Marco.”

According to the social media sensation, if someone from Kansas City were to speak about him, they would say that he “stayed out the way, stayed focused. I wasn’t a street ni**a. I tried to sell weed and it didn’t go right. You know it’s instructions to sell weed.” The “Big Facts” interview included amusing details of that incident-gone-wrong. He also highlighted how people expected him to follow in his father’s footsteps as a certified drug dealer. “I can’t do what he did. I’m a funny ni**a. My daddy was known for a lot of street s**t, and that’s not me. Build your own path and be comfortable with yourself,” he insisted.

Moreover, the famed podcast hosts asked about his experiences when interviewing celebrities or if he’s ever pranked someone who got upset afterward. If you’ve ever watched a Funny Marco interview, then you understand how people react to his unique humor. He mentioned his link-up with Louisiana rapper Boosie and reminisced about how cautious he was so that the interview didn’t take a wrong turn. “When I sat down with Boosie, I was holding back. I was going to ask about the crust on his lips,” he joked. “But I looked at him in his eyes and was like, ‘I’m not asking him that.’” He also discussed doing a prank on a man, not knowing that he was armed. Funny Marco described the gentleman having his holster in his jacket pocket, noting he immediately retracted once he realized Unc wanted no parts of his skit. “Thank God he was older,” he told the “Big Facts” crew, insinuating that if he was any younger and moved any faster, things could have taken a twist.

When asked by Big Bank what his favorite interview was, there was genuine consideration when he said Lil Duval’s name. “He was dope. That’s a man that just don’t give a f**k,” he recalled. He admitted that at first, he didn’t want to interview Duval because he was “too good,” meaning he could have given Funny Marco a taste of his own medicine. However, despite Marco’s hesitation, the interview did very well. He also mentioned Sukihana and Orlando Brown’s interviews being some of his favorites, exclaiming that Brown’s interview — during which the actor spoke about Bow Wow — “shook the world.”

Although known for his online presence, Funny Marco is working on bringing that energy to a stage near you with stand-up comedy. He talked about how he’s only done stand-up once and when there were crickets in the crowd, he said he wasn’t going back. However, after being inspired by Desi Banks and DC Young Fly, it’s something he has reconsidered. We can also expect some on-screen appearances, as the rising comedian talked about working with Netflix and their team in LA, giving the impression that a great foundation is being built for a trailblazing career in comedy.

If you haven’t tuned into the season three premiere of “Big Facts” just yet, be sure to watch here.