Today (Jan. 27), EST Gee is back into the game with two new singles for fans to enjoy. The first is “IF I STOP NOW,” a FOREVEROLLING, Haze, and Zuus-produced offering that’s anchored by a melodic chorus about the Louisville rapper’s street-oriented lifestyle:

“I hold my gun more than I hold my son, no way in hell you catch me without one, I’ve been in war more than I’ve been in love, we in them cars, I ask you more to cum, 100 on me now, somebody call my bluff, if I fall down, then who gon’ pick me up? If I lose now, I might as well’ve never won, if I stop now, I might not catch back up…”

Meanwhile, the FOREVEROLLING and LC-backed “BLOW UP” eschews harmonies for harder-hitting bars about fraudulence within the entertainment industry:

“I still got it, n**ga, action or exotic, ain’t no label get me poppin’, soon as he touch the bottle, drink some water, make it hard to fish us out, retarded for a shooter or a snorter, I’ll make you to a martyr, easy, step in front of this carbon, I’m in extortion, we won’t play the work, it’s cornered, catch a n**ga, early mornin’, buyin’ diapers for his daughter, lot of rappers just be actin’, they ain’t curve the performance, seen so much, it’s normal, I ain’t develop no disorder…”

EST Gee’s most recent effort, I Never Felt Nun, made landfall in September of last year with 21 dope cuts and additional features from Future, Jack Harlow, Bryson Tiller, Machine Gun Kelly, and Jeezy. Following that top 10 success, the CMG signee continued to build on his momentum by appearing on songs alongside the likes of Lil Baby, Yungeen Ace, and French Montana. Press play on “IF I STOP NOW” and “BLOW UP” below.