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  /  01.26.2023

If you haven’t heard by now, famed blogger and executive producer Jason Lee recently joined forces with REVOLT for “The Jason Lee Show.” The first installment premiered last week with award-winning rapper and songwriter Cardi B. Yesterday (Jan.25), Lee returned for another wild episode featuring artists and reality stars Blueface and Chrisean Rock.

The internet has had polarizing thoughts on the couple. From several public incidents to their newest reality show, “Crazy in Love,” where fans can see their lives unfold, much has been said online about the two. However, regardless of your personal thoughts, one thing is true: Blueface and Chrisean Rock are a hot-button topic.

When asked what drew her to the “Thotiana” rapper, Rock admitted, “He feels like home to me.” The aspiring musician, who grew up in a troubling home environment, later explained that Blueface, born Johnathan Jamall Porter, “feels like the home that I pictured in my head that I never had before.” She added, “God will send people throughout my life; he has just been my destination.”

While Blueface best described their union as a roller coaster ride, the “Vibe” singer said she views herself and her man as “rivers, and we’re both in motion.” She continued, “So, our rivers combined is a force. So, I really feel like — if I were to talk about God, meant to be type s**t for longevity — [there’s somebody] for everybody that we love.”

Rock further stated that despite the public’s opinion on their relationship and the various altercations with their respective family members, she considers their affair as standard as the next. “You gotta fight for love. It is what it is. A lot of people don’t have maturity, so it is what it is. You got to accept who people are,” the 22-year-old insisted after both admitted they weren’t used to seeing healthy relationship examples.

“For me, I know when I do fight [Blueface], I be immature for real. It be on some immature s**t. Like, if you worry about the s**t that’s on the surface… s**t that don’t even matter… If you getting money, it don’t even matter — everything gon’ change. It’s just, you got to be OK with the process,” she continued. “You can’t panic and play [inaudible]. Me? I will drink, go Live, go crazy, and slap him real quick here and there. Other than that, we on to something.”

Their relationship dates back to 2020 when the Baltimore native appeared on the “Holy Moly” rapper’s OnlyFans reality show, “Blue Girl’s Club.” The series, similar in format to traditional romance competition shows, followed a group of women invited to live in Blueface’s home for a month as they attempted to compete for his affection.

Chrisean Rock stood out early on in the series thanks to her take-no-nonsense attitude and care for the hip hop entertainer. Blueface saw the star quality in the former track and field athlete as well. When Lee asked him to elaborate, the emcee reiterated, “She is just the best worst thing that could happen to you.”

The couple stayed cuddled up close on the couch as Lee tried to fire off some more questions that the pair felt were “messy.” Although he was initially met with some pushback, the two ultimately agreed to talk briefly about a 2018 incident in which an explicit photo of Blue leaked on social media. The snap later became the cover art for a mixtape project. The “Respect My Cryppin’” artist explained that using the picture “was by choice” in response to the negative comments online, noting, “Like I said, I had a bad one get out. So, if I was going to have a d**k picture get out, it was going to be a good one.”

A makeout session between the two lovebirds and an outburst from Rock, who resisted several personal questions, briefly derailed the interview. Still, host Lee got the conversation back on track with gifts, including some Hennessy. Elsewhere, the couple addressed several altercations with various family members, including Rock’s brother, who called out the pair in a December 2022 Instagram Story post. Obadiah Malone claimed the couple was “the brokest celebrities in Hollywood.” The following day, the 31-year-old was arrested in Baltimore and charged with first-degree attempted murder in connection with a shooting that happened two months before.

When asked how she felt about her brother’s arrest, she stated she believes, “That was his karma, bro. People get what they deserve… S**t happens to you, then God be in your favor to work it out, but [if not], you need to slow down.”

Lee stayed on the topic of legal issues and questioned Blueface about his own arrest on attempted murder charges last November. The “Dead Locs” star was accused of pulling out a gun and shooting at a truck driver outside of a Las Vegas strip club the month prior. The emcee dodged any question about the case, only stating, “I only play defense.”

Rock also clarified, “[Blueface] is not a bad person. He’s not an abuser.” She added, “We’re just here learning, figuring things out. We met each other how we met each other, but that’s it.” It’s best to note that this interview was recorded before her announcement that she is pregnant with Blueface’s child.

Later, Blueface and Chrisean Rock spoke about threesomes, marriage, growing up in the church, and much more. Like always, if you liked what you heard, be sure to stay tuned every week for new episodes of “The Jason Lee Show.” Also, don’t forget to watch the latest installment here.



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